Arne Quinze

Arne Quinze
Product details: 
Unique piece, Edition of 20
Year: 2007
Material: Glass, dimensions variable
Manufacturer: Kristallglasmanufaktur Theresienthal
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About This Art Object

An exclusive edition of sculptural glass objects vases designed specifically for Gestalten's Fragiles exhibition by Belgian Studio Arne Quinze, sister office to Quinze and Milan, and creators of everything from furniture and lighting systems to architectural accretions of wooden 2 x 4s. To bring his aptly titled Fluid pieces to life, Quinze, who usually works with only his imagination and sketchpad before handing ideas off to his staff to flesh out on the computer, collaborated closely with the master glass blowers of Bavarian crystal manufacturer Theresienthal. The heavy, liquid-looking objects were inspired by Quinze’s stilt houses. ‘That’s all there is to explain, really,’ says the designer. ‘Some people try to make everything conceptual. I simply like to make the things the way I like them.’



Arne Quinze Works

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The Book

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Price: ($54.00)  $14.01

The Sequence

Arne Quinze
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Price: $19.00