The Urban Theater: Mark Jenkins

Special Edition with Storker Baby
Mark Jenkins's special edition monograph with his signature mini baby. Signed and numbered by the artist.
Mark Jenkins
Mini baby sculpture (tape, resin), approx. 32 x 15 x 15cm, signed and numbered by Mark Jenkins
Signed copy of the book The Urban Theater
Edition of 20

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About This Art Edition

The American artist Mark Jenkins is one of the key figures in street art today. He is known for the clever installations of his startlingly lifelike sculptures in urban spaces. This expert staging of his work provokes various reactions from passersby and expands his interventions into powerful performances.

Limited to 20 copies, this special edition includes The Urban Theater book and Mark Jenkins's signature storker baby. Each signed and numbered by the artist. 

Mark Jenkins, born in 1970, lives and works in Washington, DC. Although select work by the artist has been shown in renowned group exhibitions, including at the Moscow Biennial (2009) or Kunsthalle Wien (2010), and recently graced the stage of Berlin’s Hebbel am Ufer HAUEINS theater, Jenkins’s art is primarily made for the street. For Jenkins, the interaction between his sculptures, their urban environments, and the people within them are an integral part of the lifecycle of his work and are needed to make it complete. Feature: Mark Jenkins: Go Figure!


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