Charlotte Posenenske / Peter Roehr

dasselbe anders / immer dasselbe
Repetition as Principle
Kunsthaus Wiesbaden
Release Date: 
July 2012
Published by Distanz
22 x 28 cm
112 pages, approx. 110 color and b/w images, hardcover
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Shop Price: $40.00

About This Book

dasselbe anders/immer dasselbe [the same thing another way/always the same thing]: that is the title of Charlotte Posenenske (1930–1985) and Peter Roehr’s (1944–1968) joint exhibition at the Kunsthaus, Wiesbaden. Both artists, who contributed to documenta, did not achieve fame until after their early deaths. Against the zeitgeist of 1967, both recognized that repetition constituted the law of natural, industrial, and social processes, and found in it the guiding principle of their art. They worked in series, stripping their productions of subjective qualities and liquidating the traditional status of the artist as the creator of unique objects on which the commercial art world is based. “Less is more:” that was true for both artists, whose works are now widely acknowledged as representative of a radical late-modern critique of commercialism. Their art, which was rarely shown during their lifetime, is now included in the collections of leading museums in Germany and abroad. The exhibition of Posenenske’s work is accompanied by a program of events featuring Michael Reiter’s Swinging Geometry and Martina Wolf’s Moving Images.

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