Dirk Skreber

NDAA* Der Na(h)tanz-Hummer II (*National Defense Authorization Art)
Emotional Apocalypse
Renate Goldmann
Release Date: 
July 2012
Published by Distanz
33 x 38 cm (landscape)
288 pages, approx. 240 color images, hardcover
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Shop Price: $88.00

About This Book

The thrill of speed, the aesthetic quality of destruction, and the fascination of overcoming physical limitations: these are the central themes in the art of Dirk Skreber (b. Lübeck 1961; lives and works in New York), which shows the strong influence of media images the artist isolates in exaggerated renditions, as though trying to exorcise their power to shock. Keeping dynamism and static structure in precarious balance, the works lift the beholder from his own reality and involve him in the scenario. Skreber paints landscapes in large formats as well as semi-abstract figures; he makes fearsome sculptures out of cars that were used in crash tests and creates giant installations that take up entire rooms. The artist has also increasingly used film as a medium to stage the theme of the catastrophe in new ways. He slows down a car accident that, in reality, takes 3.19 seconds to thirty minutes to make it look like a supernova.
With essays by Joachim Bessing, Will Heinrich, Dirk Skreber, and Christian Wassmann.

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