Gerold Miller

His Theme Is the Picture Itself
Release Date: 
May 2012
24 x 30 cm
352 pages, approx. 300 color images, hardcover, dust jacket
German / English
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Shop Price: $78.00

About This Book

Since 1985, Gerold Miller (b. Althausen, Baden-Württemberg, 1961; lives and works in Berlin) has created formally reduced objects made of metal and lacquer to explore the boundaries between picture, sculpture, and architecture. He studies the fine line where space is transformed into surface and representation turns into abstraction. The artist’s characteristic wall objects are modern descendants of Tatlin’s counter-reliefs, which aimed to fuse painting, sculpture, and architectonic space. As flat wall-mounted sculptures, Miller’s works frame a new conception of visual representation.

The present book is a catalogue raisonné, the first to offer comprehensive documentation of Gerold Miller’s complete works created between 1985 and 2011. Includes essays by Edelbert Köb and Stephan Maier and a series of photographs Oliver Mark.


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