Johannes Spehr

Windeinschlag / Siedeln in den Lüften
Revolutionary Scenarios and a Camp-Like Shelter
Kunsthalle Gießen
Release Date: 
March 2012
24 x 30 cm
72 pages, full color, hardcover
German / English
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Shop Price: $45.00

About This Book

Johannes Spehr (b. 1965, Schotten, Germany; lives and works in Frankfurt am Main) is of the generation of Joseph Beuys’s grandsons. Like the latter, he integrates political and social initiative into art, implementing his designs in detailed and sometimes expansive drawings and walk-in sculptures. His style spans a range from comic strips to Arte Povera. The monochrome works on paper are either stories in pictures or somber scenes that visualize situations of radical change and processes of transformation. Many also show figures working in offices or performing absurd tasks. The installation consists of boughs the artist has gleaned and laid out on the floor and bivouacs suspended above them: “imaginary save havens.”


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The book presents all drawings as well as the installation as seen from a variety of perspectives. With essays by Annelie Pohlen and Ute Riese.