Leiko Ikemura

Transfiguration – From Figure to Landscape
A Fusion of Man and Nature, of Time and Space
Release Date: 
November 2012
Published by Distanz
22,5 x 28 cm
144 pages, hardcover, linen
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Shop Price: $60.00

About This Book

Over more than thirty years, Leiko Ikemura (b. Mie, Japan, 1951; lives and works in Berlin and Cologne) has built an oeuvre that encompasses paintings, watercolors, drawings, and terracotta and bronze sculptures. The artist studied painting at the Seville Academy of Fine Arts from 1973 to 1978. She then moved to Zurich in 1979 and, later on, to Cologne. In 1991, she was appointed professor painting at the Berlin University of the Arts.
In the 1980s, Ikemura devoted herself to painting; in this early phase of her oeuvre, intense colors and expressive brushwork convey a sense of strong emotions. Since the early 1990s, figures of girls appear as a central theme in her pictures and sculptures. Leiko Ikemura sees herself as an interloper between the arts of Japan and the Western world. Occidental influences are also evident in the motif of the head, a second central theme of her art. The horizon paintings she has created since the mid-1990s depict the situation of transition as a principle of space and metaphysics. The large-format landscapes she began work on in 2007 engage Japanese art in the forms of stylized mountains, rivers, and clouds.
With an essay by Julian Heynen as well as a conversation between Kenjiro Hosaka and Reiko Nakamura, curators at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Maiko Hara, curator at the Mie Prefectural Art Museum, Mie, and Leiko Ikemura.


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