Sven Temper

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Adding the Dimension of Aesthetic Action to the Concept of Art
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May 2012
18 x 21 cm
128 pages, approx. 150 color and 50 b/w images, 50 drawings, softcover
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About This Book

Sven Temper (b. 1965; lives and works in Berlin) studied liberal arts at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. His early works (furniture objects) still display the influence of artists such as Richard Artschwager, Donald Judd, or Haim Steinbach, playing with cultural patterns and the concept of utility. Close engagement with these questions increasingly led Temper to develop his works into actually usable implements. Since 2007, he has been building furniture in his workshop “tempermöbel,” whose design draws on conceptions from the liberal as well as the applied arts. The furniture engages history in a dialogue, and so it bears the traces of the manufacturing process and quotes a wide variety of artistic isms. It may be read as modeling specific and not so specific actions in real living environments: a model of aesthetic conduct, of an active reception of designed existence.


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The book documents the entire recent work and exemplary early pieces. Essays by Sven Temper and Michael Lingner.