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Masks in the Forest

A Story Told with Masks
Don these pop-out masks and plunge into make-believe adventures in an enchanted forest.
Laurent Moreau
Release Date: 
March 2016
Translation: Noelia Hobeika
27 × 32 cm
Full color with nine pre-cut masks, 40 pages
Product details: 
Recommended for: ages 3 and up
Shop Price: $19.95
Catalog Price: 

About This Book

In an enchanted forest of paper, paint, and whimsy, a hapless hunter bumbles after creatures large and small, from a mother fox and her pups to forest giants and vivid birds. Bold illustrations with dream-world colors bring the woodlands to life.

Nine pre-cut pop-out masks allow children to act out the story with family and friends. Slipping into the roles of the book’s creatures, they can also create delightful tales of their own and lose themselves in a land of make-believe.

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Author and illustrator Laurent Moreau applies his unique analog approach to hand-drawn graphics and page-filling designs and creates a world where humans are the strangers and a child’s sense of wonder at Mother Nature reigns.



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