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Puss in Boots

Illustrated by Clémentine Sourdais
This classic fairytale gets a visual update—as a read-aloud book with cut-out illustrations that can be used to create an enchanting play of shadows.
Charles Perrault
Release Date: 
August 2014
17,5 × 14 cm
Full color, Leporello, 28 pages
Product details: 
picture book | 3 to 8 years
Shop Price: $16.95
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About This Book

Almost everyone knows the cunning, boot-wearing feline who helps a poor miller achieve a life of riches. In this edition of the brothers Grimm fairytale, the classic story is given an added dimension. Because the book can be completely unfolded, its cut-out illustrations can be projected as shadows onto walls and experienced in an entirely new way. Each page reveals another step in the process by which the sly cat changes the future of his master for the better. All of the key scenes are depicted by an image packed with detail and fantasy—the purchase of the boots, the transformation of the evil magician into a mouse, the happy-end castle wedding of the miller and the princess. These illustrations not only give a contemporary look to the 200-year-old narrative, but they can also be transformed into a dancing play of shadows when held in front of a light. In this way, the cut-outs truly make the story come alive for its young readers.

Puss in Boots is also available in German.

Read More About This Book

Clémentine Sourdais studied at the Mediter- ranean college of art and design in Marseille and the École nationale supériure des beaux-arts in Lyon. She has already brought her signature illustration style to several books that have been published in France: Mes maisons du monde (My Houses in the World), Tout sur le printemps (All about Spring), and Tout sur l’été (All about Summer). Sourdais also illustrated a similar fold-out of Little Red Riding Hood, which was published by Little Gestalten.



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