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Randscharf - on the Cutting Edge

Design in Island - Iceland
From the farthest edge of Europe, Iceland is helping to define the cutting-edge of contemporary design.
Klaus Klemp, Matthias Wagner K
Release Date: 
September 2011
21,5 x 28 cm
204 Pages, full color, hardcover
English / German
Catalog Price: 
Shop Price: $45.00

About This Book

Considering that the population of Iceland is less than 320,000, the country has a disproportionally strong influence on design, fashion, and overall visual culture in the world today. On the Cutting Edge presents inspiring work from the vibrant and thriving Icelandic scene that illustrates the significant role design plays in this small country’s understanding of itself.

The book showcases the work of fifty talented creatives across fashion, product design, interior design, and visual communication. Essays by product design expert Klaus Klemp, curator Matthias Wagner K, and Iceland Academy of the Arts Professor Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir explain Iceland’s unique creative approach.


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