The Story of Eames Furniture

The story of Eames furniture told in unparalleled detail on 800 pages with more than 2,500 images.
Marilyn Neuhart with John Neuhart
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September 2010
25.5 x 29.2 cm
800 Pages, full cover, hardcover, 2 volumes in slipcase
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Brimming with images and insightful text, this unique book is the benchmark reference on what is arguably the most influential and important furniture brand of our time. It reveals in unparalleled detail how Charles and Ray Eames as well as a talented team of designers worked to create pieces that still top bestseller lists. The book describes the key role played by the Eames Office's own development and perfection of production processes for its designs as well as the significance of its relationship with manufacturers. By documenting the creation and spread of these landmark furniture designs, this book also tells the story of how modernism became established in homes and offices throughout the world.

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In this unique 2-volume, 800-page book with more than 2,500 images, Marilyn Neuhart tells the story — to paraphrase Charles Eames himself — of how Eames furniture got to be the way it is.

The Story of Eames Furniture is the benchmark reference on the subject. It is a biography — not of an individual person, but of arguably the most influential and important furniture brand of our time. Brimming with images and information, this 2-volume, 800-page book in a slipcase sheds new light on the context in which the furniture of Charles and Ray Eames was created. It documents in unparalleled detail how the design process in the Eames Office developed as well as the significant roles played by specific designers and manufacturers.

Through intense and self-critical teamwork, the Eames Office was the first to translate the theoretical approach of the Bauhaus into commercially successful design for a mass market. One can hardly exaggerate the relevance of Eames's modern concept of design. In many cases the success of the pieces is based on the Office's own development and perfection of production processes for its designs.

The concepts that originated in the Eames Studio made a fundamental impact on modern design. Its furniture still tops bestseller lists and, decades later, the pieces have not lost any of their original elegance, timelessness, freshness, and quality. Its combination of conceptual consistency, aesthetic mastery, and almost scientific persistence is particularly inspirational for young designers today.

The Story of Eames Furniture was written and designed by Marilyn Neuhart together with her husband John. Both have worked at the Eames Office in various capacities since the 1950s. They have looked after the house of Charles and Ray Eames since the designers’ deaths and have supervised the Eames Archive. More familiar with the material and protagonists than almost any other, Marilyn Neuhart has spent the last 15 years compiling the stories, images, and recollections featured in this book.

Image credits for all preview pages shown above: From The Story of Eames Furniture, © 2010 Eames Office LLC, from the Collections of the Library of Congress

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"This is my favorite design book of 2010. Yes, it's huge!...The quality and quantity of records is extraordinary."
Bill Moggridge, Director of Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

"We ought to be grateful that instead of the hagiography we might expect of such a sumptuous book, it presents the warts-and-all view from inside the studio – at times, it's as though we're eavesdropping on the staff at the watercooler... By giving the Eames Office rank and file their curtain call, it usefully explodes idea of the designer as a solitary genius, which has always been a myth.
Justin McGuirk, The Guardian

"A design geek's dream."
Alice Rawsthorn, The International Herald Tribune

"This book has been put together with almost the same attention to detail as a piece of Eames furniture!"
Jasper Morrison

"I can assure you...that it is a great book."
Marva Griffin Wilshire, SaloneSatellite

Die 'Factory 901' in Los Angeles ist wohl auch bislang unter Designkennern und Bewunderern des gestalterischen Ausnahmeteams Ray und Charles Eames schon mehr als bekannt gewesen. Was dieses neue Buch von Marilyn und John Neuhart zum Thema nun jedoch vorlegt, das ist in Wort und Bild die wohl umfangreichste und differenzierteste Darstellung, die einer der wichtigsten Designpositionen des 20. Jahrhunderts bislang gewidmet wurde. . .In der Flut der mediokeren und allgegenwärtigen Internetseiten und Coffeetable Books zum Thema Design stellt dieses Werk eine vorbildliche und höchst anerkennenswerte editorische Leistung dar, die das richtige Buch als unverzichtbar bestätigt."
Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp, Ausstellungsleiter
Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt am Main

„Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, durch ein Buch einen derart unmittelbaren Einblick in das Innenleben eines Designstudios bekommen zu haben - sowohl im Text als auch anhand der Abbildungen. Meinen Glückwunsch zu dieser fulminanten und gewichteigen editorischen Meisterleistung."
Prof. Dr. Florian Hufnagl, Leitender Sammlungsdirektor Die Neue Sammlung
Staatliches Museum für angewandte Kunst, Design in der Pinakothek der Moderne

„Marilyn und John Neuhart, langjährige Mitarbeiter, Partner und Freunde von Charles und Ray Eames, sowie der Die Gestalten Verlag aus Berlin, haben mit viel Liebe und Gefühl, Verständnis und Kenntnis, Akribie und großem Wissen alles über das Leben und Lebenswerk der beiden Eames zusammengetragen, dieses in eine einmalige Form gebracht und damit ein herausragendes Eames-Standardwerk geschaffen. Entstanden ist ein großartiges multifunktionalesEames-Kompendium in zwei Bänden, ein 'Pfundstück' mit besonderer Ausstrahlung und so mitreißend, wie Eames und die Menschen um ihn herum gewesen sein müssen und die Produkte immer noch sind."
Dr. Michael Peters, Peters' Bakery Art Shop e.K.
CEO Frankfurt Fair 1993-2010