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The Everywhere Box

The Everywhere Box

You want the world? And you want it now? No problem! Our Everywhere Box gives you just what you desire.
Herb Lester
Available Soon in the US
17.4 × 14.4 × 9.3 cm
Box set of 40 maps, luggage tags, sticker
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Published by Herb Lester
Shop Price: $6.95
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About This Non-Book

We've put together a comprehensive collection of our guides in a box that will look splendid on a desk, on a shelf and, of course, as a gift. With an individual product value of over £166, you'll be saving more than 25%.
Here's what you'll get:
• Custom-made box embossed in fluorescent orange script
• A set of 4 indestructible printed Tyvek® luggage tags
• A Wanderer luggage sticker
• 40 guides (see the list below)

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A Glasgow Companion; An Edinburgh Companion; An Uncle's Guide To London; At Your Service; Clandestine London; London's Larder; Wild London; Writing London

Supertime Amsterdam; Barcelona At Ease; When We Think of Berlin; Hello Bilbao; Copenhagen: The Good Life; Lisbon: Here's Why; Paris For Pleasure-Seekers; It's Nice To Be Alone In Paris; Paris En Famille; Paris: Small Shops; Around Reykjavik; Rome: Moods And Places; A Stockholm Interlude

Austin On The Hoof; Hello Chicago; Miami: An Open Invitation; New Orleans: Good Times; How To Find Old New York; How To Find Old LA; Brooklyn: 43 Reasons Why; Brooklyn: A Bar For All Reasons; Eating Queens: Around The World On The 7 Train; A Manhattan Bar For All Reasons; Writing Manhattan; Truly Greenwich Village; Speaking Of Portland; Distinctively San Francisco; Seattle: Rain Or Shine; Mister Lester Goes To Washington, DC

Rest of the world
An Appetite For Melbourne; Tokyo: A Very Brief Introduction 

And beyond
Out There: The Solar System For Tourists




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