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LOST iN Copenhagen

A city guide curated by locals
A concrete mushroom with a sea view, farm food on a rooftop, a multicolored park, a restaurant hidden in a tower… Get lost in the city of sustainability and cosiness
Lost in the City GmbH
Release Date: 
September 2016
Managing Directors: Joseph Djenandji, Philipp Majcher
Editor-in-Chief: Uwe Hasenfuss
16 × 21 cm
Full color, softbound, 68 pages
Shop Price: $12.00
Catalog Price: 

About This Book

Copenhagen, the bridge between Europe and Scandinavia. Denmark’s capital stands at the vanguard of the trends making the northern countries shine. From architecture and sustainability to the veggie-focused cuisine that has conquered the world’s tables, this community of just half a million continues to punch above its weight.

In Copenhagen, LOST iN spoke to a popular food blogger, an artist couple pushing for analogue life, a guitarist from a leading band, a top fashion designer and one of the pioneers behind the regeneration of the Meatpacking District. A feature piece presents a childhood in Christiania, a short story takes on Noma and Nordic-noir, and a photo showcase peeks behind the city’s shiny façade. It’s all about original minds and the creative vibe. Get lost in the sights, sounds and flavours of the city. Get lost in Copenhagen.

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LOST iN guides present cities from the perspective of creative locals. Artists, chefs, designers and musicians share their passion for their hometown. Their tips are complemented by in-depth stories, photo showcases and fiction—revealing the true essence of the city.

Get lost in the sights, sounds and flavours that make a place unique.


INTERVIEW – Creative locals give their perspective
FEATURE STORY – Getting under the skin of the city
NEIGHBORHOODS – Profiling the best areas
SHOWCASE – Photography from a local lens
PICKS – Products, books, movies and music
STORY – Fresh fiction from town



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