Twenty-six characters

An alphabetical book about Nokia Pure
This exploration of Nokia's new typeface, designed by typography icon Bruno Maag, offers inspiration and insight for establishing an indispensable visual language.
Aapo Bovellan, Chris Merrick
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September 2011
21 x 27.5 cm
208 Pages, full color, softcover
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About This Book

There are 26 letters in the Latin alphabet. More than merely letters, they are also characters, each possessing unique traits and qualities. And character is what makes a typeface great. Twenty-six characters details how Nokia's new typeface, Nokia Pure, was designed and developed by typography icon Bruno Maag and how it was crafted into a contemporary font. Twenty-six characters is also design inspiration, a specimen sheet, a rough guide to typography, and the tale of a global business undergoing radical change. All in all, it's a visual treat for type lovers and experts—and the first step in establishing a visual language.


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