Does This Happen to Everyone? (UK)

A Budding Adult’s Guide to Puberty
Insightful and consid­e­­­rate answers to 70 questions boys and girls have about puberty and young love.
Jan von Holleben & Antje Helms
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August 2014
Translation from German by Jen Metcalf
17 × 24 cm
Full color, hardcover, 160 pages
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Adolescence | 11 years and older
British English edition
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About This Book

Even before they experience puberty and young love themselves, girls and boys have many questions about sex and sexuality. Parents often don’t know the best way to answer them and it’s practically impossible to find the right time to start a conversation about the birds and the bees.

Especially today, when most young people have access to the internet and its explicit or dubious content, it is extremely important to address the topic of sex education with children proactively and give it the attention it needs and deserves. As daunting as it might be for parents to take the lead, ­leaving the internet or a classmate to “explain” sexuality is not an option. Thankfully, the book Does This Happen to Everyone? offers a welcome alternative with a contemporary look and feel that is both fitting for kids and appealing to adults.


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More About This Book

Does This Happen to Everyone? is an empathetic and entertaining publication that radiates joy, imaginativeness, and fun. In it, photo artist Jan von Holleben and writer Antje Helms provide answers to the most important questions about puberty in words and images that are relaxed and uninhibited, yet suitable for children. The book takes questions, worries, and fears seriously and responds to them in a direct, yet sensitive way that anyone can understand.

Does This Happen to Everyone? is published in American English and British English versions that reflect local vocabulary and circumstances.

Jan von Holleben’s ability to create original images to represent abstract topics is in high demand from agencies and ­editors around the world. His work is regularly featured in notable newspapers and magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Die Zeit, and Neon. Trained as an educator, von Holleben often works with children and young people. With Does This Happen to Everyone?, he has finally realized a project he has dreamed about for years.

Antje Helms works as a freelance journalist with a focus on topics related to family, natural sciences, and travel. She also develops editorial concepts and is responsible for creating the model for Dein Spiegel, the youth edition of Germany’s most widely read weekly news magazine Der Spiegel.



Does This Happen to Everyone? (US)

A Budding Adult’s Guide to Puberty
Price: $24.95

Price: $24.95