Eine Prise Mythos
“Eine Prise Mythos" is German for “A dash of legendry”
Nikolaus Brade
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January 2013
20 x 26 cm
144 pages, full color, softcover
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About This Book

Deichkind, a German band from Hamburg successfully defying conventional categorization and managing to constantly and boundlessly reinvent itself, know how to throw a good party with their hedonistic energy and sarcastically provoking lyrics. Lavishly combining musical styles from hip hop to electroclash to tech-rap, their theatrical stage perfomances and unique costumes are an acoustic and visual spectacle. Dada meets hardware store. Kraktwerk meets the Dead Kennedys.

The photographer Nikolaus Brade spent the last five years with the band on the road and in the studio. He joined the touring circus show, taking pictures on stage, backstage and in the crowd. More than a journalistic documentation of the daily life of one of today's most exciting and successful live acts in Germany, Brade’s report relives the emotions of a Deichkind live show. Each band member, mystically and theatrically disguised, becomes a seamless part of the Deichkind performance phenomenon that continues to pack sold-out concert halls. The book contains very little text and primarily focuses on Brade’s photographs. 


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Lyrics by Deichkind:

Deine Eltern sind auf einem Tennisturnier
Du machst eine Party, wie nett von dir
Impulsive Menschen kennen keine Grenzen
Schmeiß die Möbel aus dem Fenster
wir brauchen Platz zum Dancen.

Translates to:

Your parents are at a tennis match
You're throwing a party, so nice of you
Impulsive people know no limits
Throw the furniture out the window
We need more room to dance.



Deichkind Special Edition

Eine Prise Mythos
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Price: $83.19