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Punkrock, 2010
I was already punkrock, when punkrock was still commercial
Available at Gestalten Space Berlin
Product details: 
Stencil on maculation paper, hand produced by the artist
35 x 80 cm
Signed and numbered

About This Art Edition

BRONCO has been working in Berlin’s public spaces since 2002. Under this pseudonym he has established a series of wheat pasted posters illustrating simple text-based messages, usually unique pieces. The messages are set by hand in a simple type and placed carefully in chosen spots around the city. This way, he withdraws the logic of permanent repetition and mass production from the poster as medium. He is a master of breaking down complex emotions into simple words and creates everything from intimate confessions and wordplays to extensive considerations, with slogans like: "Mom is king", "Who stole my George Bush lovedoll?" and "Will work for love."

"Punkrock" is about the desperate search for authenticity, illustrating the bought game of symbols, references, and nostalgia.

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