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Elephant is a quarterly magazine on contemporary art and visual culture.
Marc Valli, Ana Ibarra, Margherita Dessanay, Robert Shore, Katya Tylevich
Available at Gestalten Space Berlin
22 x 28 cm
192 pages
quarterly magazine on visual culture
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About This Periodica

Elephant is a quarterly magazine on contemporary art and visual culture. Featuring up-to-the-minute visual material, fresh faces and original voices, the magazine covers and uncovers new trends and talent in contemporary visual culture.

Issue#19 Summer 20014
"Our special summer issue on outerspace brings you to places beyond the farthest Reaches of your imagination. From Michael Najjar to Trevor Paglen to Cristina Medium, artists are exploring the relationship between space exploration and creative engagement in a variety of ways. We speak to a mix of artists and scientists (such as Zolt Levay, who works at the Space Telescope Science Institute) and find out how they have embraced interactive media in their interpretations of the final frontier. Back on Earth, Margherita Dessanay interviews Carol Prusa about the biomorphic forms that she creates using mixed media. Robert Shore visits the illustrious Philippe Weisbecker in his studio and learns what inspires his sleek architectural drawings, while Grace Banks gets lost in the thriving, riotous art scene in Havana. "

Issue#18 Spring 2014 -- SOLD OUT --
"In previous issues we have looked at how, in a world saturated by low res JPEGs and digitalised imagery, the slow and unique rhythms of painting have offered an option – almost a lifestyle option – to the contemporary artist.
Elephant #18 is a special edition that explores the continued relevance of painting today: we speak to a large number of painters (Kent Iwemyr, Marcin Maciejowski, Ulrich Lamsfuss and Caroline Walker). We also ask questions about the value of paintings, which James Cahill engaging in dialogue with curators Sir Norman Rosenthal and Clarrie Wallis, as well as paintings Chantal Joffe, Charlie Billingham and Ged Quinn. Other Encounters features include insightful conversations with contemporary masters of the brush such as Hernan Bas, James Nares and Zhu Jinshi."

Issue#17 Winter 2013/14 -- SOLD OUT --
"Just in time for Christmas, Elephant #17 introduces some exciting shows around the world, from the ongoing retrospective of James Turrell’s work in Los Angeles to a Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle exhibition showcasing prints and drawings. We bring you the deeply moving paper paintings of Njideka Akunyili, and find out more about artists who work with found imagery such as Julia Borissova and Martina Bacigalupo. Another trend that piqued our interest was the increasing number of artists working with coloured pencils, crayons and graphite – we speak to Damien Florébert Cuypers, Joanna Concejo and many others to explore the influences behind their practice."

Issue#16 Autumn 2013 -- SOLD OUT --
"This autumn, Elephant offers you first dibs on what to expect at the annual Frieze London, and speaks to an eclectic range of artists across the world. Frank Laws tells us why social housing in London is such a major inspiration behind his work; and Jina Park explains how she zooms in on the mysterious processes of daily life through her paintings.
Nicola Bozzi plunges behind the computer screen and speaks to the founders of the video art website Vdrome while elsewhere, Andrew Spyrou investigates the work of the Urban Interruptionists and their impact on the landscape around them. This issue’s studio visits see the celebrated film poster designer Hans Hillmann reminiscing about his experiences in the cinema, while Adriana Varejão discusses the transformation of cultural identity in her practice. Katya Tylevich leaps into the Los Angeles art scene as Robert Yarber dishes up a deliciously psychedelic journal piece on his life."

Issue #15 Summer 2013 -- SOLD OUT --
"Ingmar Bergman once said of his films: “I want to give [the public] a blow in the small of the back, to scorch their indifference, to startle them out of their complacency.” It is this intrepid spirit of artistry that marks Elephant’s sojourn to Stockholm this summer. We immerse ourselves in the hugely visionary, yet simple and functionalist aesthetic of the Swedish, bringing you insightful interviews with product creators such as Teenage Engineering and artists like Jonas Böttern and Emily Mennerdahl. Margherita Dessanay ventures further on to the Middle East, and explores the intersection between traditional and modernity that materialises itself in contemporary art from the region. Ben Eastham delivers a humorous critique of the art fair circuit with his work, rounding off a very eclectic issue."

Issue #14 Spring 2013 -- SOLD OUT --
"Elephant travels to Cape Town in the company of photographer Pieter Hugo gathering an explosive mix of writing, music, design and art, not to mention some highly original socio-political ideas and interesting anecdotes. Sue Hubbard looks at the career of South Africa's seminal artist William Kentridge, who is not the only seminal artist in this issue as we reassess the work (and colourful personality) of Maggi Hambling and visit the studio of France's most controversial artist, Adel Abdessemed. We then put on a diving bell to find out how Jason de Caires Taylor creates his astonishing underwater works before joining orbiting satellites to follow artists working with Google Earth. "