Lingua Grafica

A skilful manual of logo design by Hamburg-based design studio Mutabor.
Johannes Plass, Heinrich Paravicini / Mutabor
M. Mischler, R. Klanten
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February 2001
20 x 14 cm
192 Pages, design Mutabor
PVC cover
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About This Book

Having created logos and icons for clients such as adidas and Greenpeace, Hamburg-based design studio Mutabor assembled their best work in Lingua Grafica. A documented, dissected and contextualised collection, the book is a skillful manual of logo design

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Visual communication experts and Hamburg-based design studio Mutabor apply their very own,strict visual language to the boundaries of commercial design.Creating logos and icons for customers like adi- das or Greenpeace,lingua grafica assembles their best work in a do- cumented,dissected and contextualised collection.With awards from, amongst others,the New York Type Directors Club the agenc is also responsible for publication of the eponymous design magazine. Please see also:Mutabor 9,Mutabor 10 Award:"The Most Beautiful German books 2001 " "Major reference work for image language,..Mutabor has been refining the art of logo/icon design since starting up in 1995."

Clearly structured, elegant reference booklet whose - not uncontroversial - plastic cover recalls technical instruction manuals.
Die Schönsten deutschen Bücher 2001, 2002-03-01

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