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The Design Hotels™ Book

Edition 2009
The most comprehensive collection of 170 luxurious, original and distinctive international Design Hotels™.
Design Hotels
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Release Date: 
February 2009
24 x 32 cm
488 Pages, full colour, hardcover
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About This Book

The 2009 edition of The Design Hotels™ Book presents a comprehensive overview of 170 of the most attractive Design Hotels™ worldwide and provides insight into trends and developments in the fields of design and hospitality.

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More About This Book

The Design Hotels™ Book: Edition 2009 is the most comprehensive encyclopedia to date featuring the most attractive international design hotels the world over. The book presents 170 luxurious, original and distinctive properties that are setting new standards in high-end hospitality.

This rich compendium contains portraits of each member hotel through stunning photographs of its architecture and interior design in addition to detailed information about its distinguished concept. The book also features extensive profiles of visionary individuals – designers and hoteliers who are the driving creative forces behind the hotels.

The Design Hotels™ Book is not only an inspiring reference for architects and designers, but is also an indispensable directory of impressive hotels and destinations for those who like to travel in style.

Watch the short film documentary Gestalten produced on the Design Hotels™ Future Forum 08 conference in Berlin.


The Design Hotels™ Book

Edition 2010

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