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The Berlin-based art collective KLUB7has made a name for itself with its street art as well as the murals, customizations, and illustrations it creates on various surfaces. Together, the six member artists of KLUB7 have developed a collective trademark style that is a mix of urban, pop, and comic art and that seamlessly melds their diverse backgrounds.The majority of work shown in “Easy As Pie” is drawn with chalk—on walls as well as the ground. The fact that KLUB7 currently loves to work with chalk can be seen in part as a clever response to an increasingly unfriendly environment on the street with increased surveillance, fines, and city campaigns against tagging, posters, stickers, and stencils.

KLUB7 was born out of the graffiti scene in eastern Germany over 10 years ago and has undergone an amazing transformation. Since its inception, the collective’s five male and one female members have entered their 30s. As they have matured, each of them has developed an impressive range of artistic activities that have evolved beyond their shared creation of graffiti art without completely renouncing their roots. From the subculture of urban art to legal projects, KLUB7 has progressively and continuously expanded its oeuvre. Their 2009 move to Berlin, a melting pot and a centre for contemporary art, has not only supported their creative growth, but also demanded it.

Dani Daphne

The Sweet Way Of Life, 2012

Mike Okay

I Never Thought It Possible

Otto Baum

What Would You Do Without Music