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Olaf Hajek

Olaf Hajek

Olaf Hajeks colorful illustrations and textured paintings are infused with a folkloristic naivety and freshness. Hajek masterfully melds influences from West African and Latin American art to create surreal juxtapositions of fairy tale fantasies and disordered realities. His magical realism enriches the perspective of anyone viewing his work.

Olaf Hajek was born in 1965 in Rendsburg, Germany, and is now based in Berlin, is currently one of the world’s most successful and well-known illustrative artists. His work can be seen in newspapers including the New York Times and the Washington Post, in magazines such as Rolling Stone and Time, in advertisements for international brands, and on stamps for Great Britain's Royal Mail. Despite the diversity of his clientele, Hajek makes no aesthetic compromises. His characteristic style is what makes his work appealing to a broad audience and range of clients. Over the last several years his personal work has garnered increasing attention on the international art market, with exhibitions in London, New York, Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Berlin.
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