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Martin Eberle

galerie berlintokyo, letzter Abend, 1999
The last night at galerie berlintokyo in 1999.
Martin Eberle
Product details: 
Lightjet print on Fuji 127gsm glossy paper, printed at Pixelgrain Berlin
50 x 60
Artist signed and numbered label on verso
If you are interested in purchasing this artwork,
please contact us.

About This Art Edition

Photographer Martin Eberle was one of the gang who ran the quasi-club galerie berlintokyo, described by Vogue in 1997 as “the most modern basement in Europe.” This space, existing between 1997 and 1999, aimed to combine art exhibitions with music (live acts and DJ sets). With every new show it changed its appearance, although by the end of the almost every night, it looked like the inside of a bottle bank.

galerie berlintokyo is part of Martin Eberle's series Temporary Spaces. Spanning a period of 10 years, the stunning photographs from this series were the first to document the benchmark locations of Berlin’s then-burgeoning club scene as they really were. By radically reducing them to their empty spaces, juxtaposing run-down facades and lovingly crafted interiors with architectural brutality, Eberle has perfectly captured their now legendary, ramshackle hipness.

Selected works from Temporary Spaces have been shown in Berlin at Haus am Waldsee, KunstWerke and Märkisches Museum, but also traveled to the US. In 2011, exactly ten years after Gestalten published the milestone book of the same name, selected photography from this series as well as newer work from Eberle's series After Show have been shown at our Gestalten Space.

Martin Eberle (born in 1966 in Augsburg, Germany) lives and works in Berlin since 1992. Together with Carsten Eisfeld he manages Eberle & Eisfeld, a photography and graphic design studio.