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Sarah Cihat

Black Wolf with Gold Tooth
Sarah Cihat
L20.3 x W15.2 x H30.5 cm
Product details: 
Year: 2006 Material: Porcelain, gold Manufacturer: Sarah Cihat Edition: Unlimited but handmade
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About This Art Object

Brooklyn-based Parsons product design graduate Sarah Cihat made her name salvaging random pieces of dinnerware from Goodwill or SalvationArmy shops and printing a colourful but simple pattern (a mosquito, a skull, a hanged man, an astronaut) over the existing pattern. Cihat calls Rehabilitated Dishware ‘an exercise in sustainability that reincarnates existing products.’ With designer Michael Miller (a woman), Cihat has copied cut-crystal bowls in opaque porcelain and corseted them with antique brass chain, making each piece by hand. The Gaslight With Chain evokes a woman sheathed in a slinky cocktail gown and draped head-to-foot in a couture-like piece of jewellry.


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