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One Minute Delft Blue: Vase with Lid

Hand-painted by Marcel Wanders
Marcel Wanders
H61.5 cm
Product details: 

Year: 2007
Material: Ceramics
Manufacturer: Royal Delft
Edition: Unlimited but unique
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About This Art Object

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders’ work with porcelain is noteworthy for its combination of traditional and contemporary, as well as for its injection of art into industry and hand-making into therealm of the mass-produced. His One-Minute Delftware series is made up of jugs, vases, urns and figurines fired in naked white porcelain. Wanders then painted each by hand. The project most closely represents the Amsterdam-based designer’s belief that the West has adhered to the dogmas and aesthetics of the industrial age far beyond their usefulness. Technological and material advances have liberated us, according toWanders, and we must rewrite the rules of design. He has also applied this concept to the creation of his One-Minute Sculptures, leaving the marks of his fingers in the clay before firing each piece and preserving them beneath gold lustre.

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