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Cul de Sac Laura Mc Kibban

Small Kidney Dish - Deer
Cul de Sac Laura Mc Kibban
L18 x W12 x H2cm
Product details: 
Year: 2005 Material: Earthenware Manufacturer: Laura McKibbon Edition: Unlimited
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About This Art Object

Handmade earthenware dishes by Laura McKibbon are remarkable for the humorous or quirky illustrations that mark them. McKibbon, self-taught and working as Cul de Sac Design in Vancouver, Canada, was trained in science. Today, she works with ceramics, photography and printmaking, marrying art, craft and design in household objects. Her graphics are often simple and sweetly nostalgic, a sketch of a deer or a canoe. Other times they’re funny in a one-liner way: One plate depicts a hand pouring maple syrup over a stack of pancakes with the caption: ‘Tasty but Dangerous.’ Others elicit a smile through the image, alone, including the old-fashioned sketch of tin-can-like Twin Robots or her Headphones Dude, which comes in an edition of 25. Occasionally, McKibbon creates beauty through near-abstractions like What Are You Reading?, in an edition of five, that features a composition made up of interrogatory punctuation marks. Are you awake? the work asks. Enjoying all of this?

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