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The Honey Hunter

Featuring exotic images and empathetic language, this modern day South Asian fable teaches children to respect and appreciate nature.
Karthika Naïr and Joëlle Jolivet
Release Date: 
January 2015
24.7 × 30 cm
Pantone colors, hardcover, 52 pages
Product details: 
ages 3 and up
Shop Price: $14.95
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About This Book

The story of the honey hunter begins in Sundarban, a land of eighteen tides and six seasons, where three rivers meet in a huge mangrove forest. At first, everything is peaceful for the thousands and thousands of honeybees that live there not far from the Bay of Bengal. They fly from flower to flower, collect nectar, and supply both people and animals with their sweet, liquid gold. Everyone who lives in Sundarban loves honey, but one most of all: a small, black-haired boy named Shonu.

One year, the seasons in Sundarban get mixed up and the region is plagued by powerful cyclones followed by drought and hunger. Shonu becomes so unbelievably hungry that he sneaks into the mangrove forest and breaks the golden rule: he takes honey from the hives even though it is not yet harvest time. Shonu doesn’t quite realize that what he has done could get him into deep trouble with the almighty demon tiger

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This modern fairytale reveals what can happen when someone interferes with nature’s rhythm. It teaches children to respect and appreciate the environment. Inspired by Muslim and Hindu myths, author Karthika Naïr and illustrator Joëlle Jolivet have created a compelling narrative style and visual language to tell their tale.

Karthika Naïr was born in India but now lives in Paris. In addition to writing the Honey Hunter, she is the author of several volumes of poetry. Her work has been translated into several languages and has appeared in journals and anthologies including Granta. Nair is also a dance producer. The subjects of those dances often find their way into her stories.

Joëlle Jolivet lives near Paris, where she works as an ­illustrator. She studied graphic design and ­advertising. Because of her love for engraving and ­printing, she spent one year ­working in the lithography studio at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Since then, the linocut printing ­technique remains close to her heart. In addition to ­creating her own books, Jolivet designs ­covers for art books and illustrations for ­newspapers and magazines.



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