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The Night Watchman

Striking illustrations and a suspenseful story: The Night Watchman is an attention-grabber that captures the imagination.
Jérémie Fischer and Jean-Baptiste Labrune
Release Date: 
October 2015
Translated by David Henry Wilson
16.5 × 22 cm
Pantone colors, hardcover, 192 pages
Product details: 
Recommended for ages 8 and up
Shop Price: $9.95
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About This Book

For their own safety, the people who live in this fortified city are not allowed to leave their homes after dusk. After curfew, a strange character with a lamp—the Night Watchman—patrols the winding streets and alleyways, assisted by birds on the rooftops, dogs in the lanes, and rats underground. As both guardian and policeman, the Night Watchman will relentlessly hunt down any intruder who threatens the peace and security of his city. Nothing and no one has disturbed his nightly routine—until now… 

A beautifully written story full of suspense, The Night Watchman tells a fascinating tale of surveillance, betrayal, friendship, and love. Jérémie Fischer’s remarkable images elevate the book to an artful illustrated novel, and Jean-Baptiste Labrune’s words render it a modern classic with a narrative relatable on many levels.

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Jérémie Fischer is a young French illustrator who graduated from Strasbourg’s Haute École des Arts du Rhin in 2011. His work is inspired by the Russian Constructivists, artists such as Henri Matisse and Paul Klee, as well as the designers Enzo Mari and Bruno Munari. Fischer has already designed several children’s books using a similar silk-screen and cut-out style. The Night Watchman is his second collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Labrune. Having graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris, Labrune now works as an elementary school teacher and author. He has been friends with Jérémie Fischer since the seventh grade. The first children’s book on which they collaborated, L’éléphouris, was released in 2012.



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