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Show & Tell Me The World

A Picture Dictionary
Oodles of painted images simultaneously explain daily life while welcoming readers to indulge in the details.
Tom Schamp
Release Date: 
October 2016
Translated from the Dutch by Lauren Napier and Wolfgang Linneweber
27 × 33 cm
Full color, hardcover, 64 pages
Product details: 
Recommended for: ages 4 and up
Shop Price: $24.95
Catalog Price: 

About This Book

As the pages unfold, Show & Tell Me The World guides readers through the nuances of everyday life. Otto, the young furry protagonist, is seen on every page partaking in various daily activities. The previously humdrum tasks of eating a meal at the table or being tucked in at night are playfully presented alongside exciting episodes of  riding in an airplane or attending a concert. 

The aesthetically entrancing scenes are grouped into categories such as the four seasons, athletics, the arts, a day at school, or even the mysterious and uncharted world below the sea. Each page of Show & Tell Me The World is filled with multitudinous details, which illustrator Tom Schamp has molded to suit both his bold style and the ever-unsatiated curiosities of children. 

Tom Schamp is a renowned Belgian illustrator. After extensive studies at Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design, he developed a style of his own using acrylic paint upon cardboard. Schamp designs for a rich mixture of media including children’s books, newspapers, postcards, and toys. His illustrative companion, Otto, is the star of many adventures.



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