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Commonwealth Joshua Davis

Heliotropism Vasen No. 12/21
Commonwealth Joshua Davis
L24.1 x H39.4 cm
Product details: 
Year: 2007 Material: Porcelain Manufacturer: Commonwealth Edition: Limited to 21 Unique Pieces
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About This Art Object

High-tech meets low-tech in the Tropism vases created by architects and product designers Commonwealth in collaboration with generative artist Joshua Davis, both based in New York City. To create the vessels, American Zoe Coombes and Spaniard Francisco David Boira of Commonwealth worked in Maya software to create a model using surface subdivision that was then printed through 3D stereolithography (SLA) and turned into a mould for casting. Each piece in the limited edition of 21, available through Barcelona gallery Maxalot, represents a variation on a single root form. Meanwhile Davis harvested imagery from a book on floral mechanics and composed selected elements via a generative algorithm, either digitally etching them into the surface of the vases or turning them into paint transfers that were applied to the ceramic during the firing process. Commonwealth’s husband-wife team initiates collaborations like this as part of their studio’s typical research process with the conviction that architecture has a great deal to learn from other design disciplines.


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