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Once in a Lifetime

Travel and Leisure Redefined
Today, luxury travel is having time for exceptional places and unparalleled experiences.
Gestalten & Marie Le Fort
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March 2012
24 x 30 cm
256 pages, full color, hardcover
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About This Book

Once in a Lifetime presents tantalizing new possibilities for exploring and relaxing that redefine the idea of luxury travel.

The book showcases quality destinations beyond superficial pomp that represent a conscious choice for slowing down our hectic lives. The inspiring range of examples includes enchanting tree house hotels, incredible eco-friendly resorts, farms on which guests help with the work, simple hotels and glamping sites in spectacular scenery, as well as glamorous houses, trains, and boats. These are not only depicted in stunning photographs, but also insightfully described by renowned international travel, design, and architecture journalist Marie Le Fort.

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The world has become smaller. Today, travel is simple, affordable, and no longer a true luxury. But there are still extraordinary places to discover and experiences to be had. The promise of special moments makes one want to take a journey—whether the budget is large or small.

Once in a Lifetime is about a new way of traveling to destinations and staying there. The book explores the true luxury of taking time for exceptional locations as well as unparalleled experiences and opportunities. Whether far away or close to home, it introduces places that allow us to discover the world and ourselves anew. It’s these key reasons that make all of them worth the trip.

The examples featured in Once in a Lifetime are located throughout the world: from enchanting tree house hotels and glamping sites to incredible eco-friendly and wellness resorts; from farms on which guests help with the work and simple hotels in spectacular scenery to glamorous houses, trains, and boats. These destinations are not about superficial pomp; rather, they represent a conscious choice for quality ways of slowing down our hectic lives.

Renowned travel journalist Marie Le Fort is co-editor of Once in a Lifetime and author of the texts featured in the book. She is a regular contributor to publications such as Wallpaper*, Numéro, Air France Madame, and the Louis Vuitton City Guides on topics related to travel, design, and architecture.



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