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Rock, Paper, Scissors

The Work of Julien Vallée
The young Canadian designer Julien Vallée is a leading expert at melding a variety of analog and digital design techniques into outstanding work.
Julien Vallée
Release Date: 
October 2011
21.6 x 28 cm
160 pages, full color, hardcover, incl. video downloads
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About This Book

Julien Vallée's incomparable visuals explore the relative roles of the computer and handmade processes in design. The young Canadian works in a wide range of fields, including art direction, motion graphics, print design, and art installation as well as video and design for the television industry. With his expert use of manual processes strongly supported by the technological tools of today, he creates outstanding art and design that seamlessly bridges the gaps between these disciplines. This first monograph presents Vallée's commissioned work and personal projects. Each book includes a unique log-in code for accessing Vallée's video work online.

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The graphic designer and art director Julien Vallée represents a new generation of designers. The young Canadian is a virtuoso at melding the most diverse analog and digital design techniques. He combines graphic design, stop-motion film, and a talent for staging space to create fascinating worlds of images in his work.

Enthusiastically multidisciplinary, Vallée is as versed in traditional skills such as drawing, cutting, illustration, and collage as he is in the use of technologies such as stop-motion animation, video editing, and interactive design. Thanks to his expertise in both of these realms, the Montreal-based designer seamlessly bridges the gap between the manual and virtual production of art.

Although he mostly develops and stages his installations and stop-motion films using simple materials such as paper, wood, and plastic, Julien Vallée’s magically arranged spaces are, at times, reminiscent of the work of a twenty-first-century Escher.  The designer’s work has already been heaped with prizes such as the ADC Young Guns Award and the Creative Review Award 2010.

The monograph Rock, Paper, Scissors not only presents Julien Vallée’s commissioned work for clients such as the New York Times, MTV, AOL, and Computer Arts, but also includes a selection of personal projects. Each book includes a unique log-in code for accessing Vallée’s own making-ofs and other video work online.

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