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Let's Go Out!

Interiors and Architecture for Restaurants and Bars
Groundbreaking architecture and interior design for restaurants, bars, and clubs.
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Release Date: 
August 2012
24 x 28 cm
288 pages, full color, hardcover
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About This Book

Let’s Go Out! presents engaging architecture and interior design for restaurants, bars, and clubs.

The pleasure we get from going out to eat, drink, and spend time together no longer just depends on the quality of food and beverages offered and the company we keep. Today, our level of enjoyment is also determined by how a location enables us to experience and share what we undertake. Consequently, more and more creatives are applying their talents to designing memorable atmospheres for the places we choose to meet.

Against this background, Let’s Go Out! is a stunning contemporary survey of extraordinary possibilities for going out from around the world. In addition to new interpretations of restaurants, bars, and clubs, the book documents striking temporary events, concept spaces, and installations.

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Going out to enjoy eating, drinking, and spending time together is practically a basic human need. Digital networking and social media have increased our demand and appreciation for face-to-face encounters and genuine experiences in the real world. The places where one chooses to eat or drink play almost as important a role as the company one keeps while doing so. The more unusual or authentic the surroundings, the more exciting or memorable going out becomes. Designers, architects, interior designers, artists, and gastronomes from around the world are creating extraordinary possibilities for bringing together friends, partners, business associates, or even strangers. 

Let’s Go Out! provides a current overview of trailblazing spaces that go well beyond the classic models of restaurants, cocktail bars, and clubs.

The projects in Let’s Go Out! clearly demonstrate the essential role that concept and furnishings play in our experience of eating and drinking. These inspirational examples appeal to all of our senses and, in the process, they hone both our taste buds and our visual awareness.



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