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Los Logos 8 Graphic Design Visual Culture Typography Gestalten Cover

Los Logos 8

Los Logos 8, the classic compilation and thoughtfully curated showcase of current developments in logo design, delves into the realm of an ever-evolving and always present branding component.
Release Date: 
November 2017
24 × 19 cm
Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 400 pages
Shop Price: $60.00
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About This Book

Los Logos 8 is the authoritative reference on contemporary logo design. As with previous editions of Gestalten’s indispensable Los Logos series, this expertly curated collection is both a guide to the latest innovations and a prognostication of coming trends. This edition looks further into the ever-changing world of this vital element of branding: the logo. An inevitable task on a designer’s artistic and professional timeline, designing a logo is a lively and explorative mission.

The fully indexed compendium showcases an unparalleled selection of cutting-edge examples from around the globe. Interviews offer an inside look at the creative processes of leading studios and designers: take a look at the striking labels that Hired Guns Creative imagines for their many clients with the alcohol industry; delve into the designs that BankerWessel concocts for fine art exhibitions and publications; or study what has made Wolff Olins an industry leader and visionary for over five decades. A practical and insightful handbook of the current developments in logo design and a boundless source of inspiration, Los Logos 8 is a must-have for any designer, brand manager, trend scout, or marketing strategist.



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