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The Great Escape

A stunning compilation of inspiring visuals, which focus on escapism and elusiveness.
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Release Date: 
October 2005
24 x 28 cm
160 Pages, full colour, softcover

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About This Book

The Great Escape is a stunning compilation of the very latest inspiring and breathtaking illustration, photography, graphic design and fine art from around the world. Focusing on escapism, elusiveness and the eluding it builds on themes introduced in dgv’s well-received titles Romantik and Wonderland.

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Dreams, escapes and mind-blowing visual explorations are the leitmotif of The Great Escape - a stunning compilation of the very latest inspiring and breathtaking illustration and photography from around the world. The book builds on themes introduced in our well-received titles Romantik and Wonderland.
The Great Excape takes you on a journey into the colorful universe by illustrators like Paperheart and Ytje, exploring through the stunning three-dimensional installations by urban artists Mike Genovese and Brendan Monroe. Sneak in and find hidden beauty in the stunning artwork by Aya Kato and open sexyness in the collages by Yoshi Tajima.

Contributing Artists
Adapter, Mads Berg, Tina Berning, Lovisa Burfitt, Dana Carlson, Cecilia Carlstedt, Cheval Noir, Anne-Sophie Defoort, Ena, Evah Fan, P Jay Fidler, Flag Design, Nicholas Di Genova, Genovese Studios, Michael Gillette, Roya Hamburger, Hort, Irene Jacobs, Kosuke Ikeda, Manabu Ikeda, Illdesigners, Karen Ingram, Carlos Irijalba, Jesu, Namiko Kitaura, Lacey, John Leigh, Katharina Leuzinger, Lifelong friendship society, Kevin Mackintosh, Florence Manlik, Tina Mansuwan, Mateo, Etsu Meusy, Guido Mieth, Minchi, Mini Miniature Mouse, Molly Molloy, Brendan Monroe, Misato Nagare, Keren Richter, Rachel Salomon, Supermundane, Yoshi Tajima, Clarissa Tossin, Tomoko Tsuneda, Jessica Williams, Paul Willoughby, Steve Wilson, Akira Yamaguchi, Ytje.



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